Basement Windows Installation & Replacement in Toronto

Sadly, in most homes in Toronto, many basement windows are ugly, leaky and rusty. Others do not close or open properly because they were not installed correctly in the first place.

Basement windows are regularly installed in window wells, which can be problematic in keeping your basement dry.

Naturally, ground water finds its way to the window well area and regardless of how much landscaping you might try to do to prevent the water, when the ground becomes saturated, it’ll accumulate even in the window well.

As a result, water enters the basement via the old leaky windows.

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Whether you need new basement windows or desire to upgrade the existing window wells, our team can provide both.

At Windows and Doors Cutting Specialists, we understand that a dry, comfortable basement is very important to any home or business owner and we can provide you with the window installation or repair services that you need. We are experts at what we do and will make sure your basement windows look great and function properly.

Our team of basement window installers in Toronto will help in making a choice from an array of styles and sizes. Additionally, you can trust us to replace your old, leaky windows with new, energy-efficient ones.

Common basement window problems

Some of the common basement window problems that we help our customers solve include:

  • Window is old, or single-paned or drafty –  we can replace it with a new, energy-efficient window.
  • Window is rotten or has holes – we’ll take care of the repair or replacement.
  • Window won’t stay open – we will fix or replace the window so that it functions properly.
  • Leaking window – we will install new windows that don’t leak
  • Mold or mildew around the window –  we will clean up the mold and put up measures to prevent further growth.
  • Window well is full of water – we will install a new window well or a drain to solve the problem.
  • Window is difficult to open or close – we will adjust, repair, or replace the window so that it opens and closes easily.
  • Stained or rotten wood around the window –  we will replace the wood and make sure your window looks great.
  • Landscaping around the window – we will install new landscaping or fix the existing one so that water drains away from the window.

In addition to being licensed and insured, our basement windows installation specialists are also experienced and knowledgeable.

We will work with you to find the best solution for your particular needs and budget.

You’d also love to work with because all the products we use are strictly premium and high-grade ones. 

This means that you can rest assured knowing that your basement windows will last for many years to come.

Trust our installers of basement windows in Toronto for the best custom fabrication coupled with flawless and fast workmanship.

We understand the importance of having a functional and good-looking basement and we are here to help you achieve that.

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