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Are you an Oakville resident? Chances are high that you’ve heard of egress windows. These windows serve as an emergency exit in case of emergencies such as fire or any other dangerous situation. Typically, they’re installed in rooms such as bedrooms and basements.

Egress windows bring with them countless benefits to Oakville homeowners.

For one, they provide an extra way to get out of your home in an emergency. If there’s a fire or some other danger, you and your family will be able to exit quickly and safely through the egress window.

Egress windows also let in natural light and fresh air. This can brighten up a room and make it more comfortable to spend time in. If you have a basement that’s dark and dreary, egress windows can transform it into a much more inviting space.

Finally, egress windows can increase the value of your home. If you ever decide to sell, potential buyers

In Oakville, egress windows are required by law. If your current windows aren’t up to code, it might be necessary to install them.

The team at Windows and Doors Cutting Specialists knows the necessary code inside out. We’ll make sure that your new egress windows are installed correctly and up to code.

We’re the premier choice for egress windows in Oakville. We have years of experience installing these windows, and we always put our customers’ satisfaction first, at all times.

General Guidelines For Egress Windows

The installation of egress windows needs to adhere to certain guidelines. First and foremost, egress windows must be large enough for a person to fit through.

The window needs to offer sufficient airflow throughout the year. It shouldn’t be obstructed by furniture or anything else.

The window must have a sturdy and reliable way to open and close it. Usually, this is a handle that can be operated from the inside.

Egress windows shouldn’t need any special skills, tools, hardware, or keys to open.

They should also be installed at a height that’s easy to reach, in case you need to use them in an emergency.

Egress windows aren’t necessary for rooms with an in-built sprinkler system.

Windows and Doors Cutting Specialists offer a free consultation

At Windows and Doors Cutting Specialists, we offer a free consultation so that you can get all the information you need before making a decision. We want you to feel confident and informed about every aspect of the installation process.

Once you’ve decided to install egress windows, we’ll get to work right away. We’ll come to your home, take measurements, and get started on the installation.

The entire process usually takes about a day. In some cases, it might take longer depending on the number of windows that need to be installed.

You can rest assured knowing that our team is highly experienced and qualified. We’re certified and insured, and we always put our customers first.

If you’re not sure whether your home needs an egress window, the best course of action is to consult with our professionals. We’ll be able to assess your situation and advise you on the best course of action.

Transforming Egress Windows Into Egress Windows

Our professionals can help Oakville residents transform their basement windows into egress windows. So how do we achieve this?

Well, the first step is to determine if the window is large enough to meet the minimum size requirements.

If it is, then we can proceed with the installation. If not, then we’ll need to widen the window opening.

Widening the window opening usually involves removing part of the foundation and adding new blocks. In some cases, it might be necessary to move or remove a support beam.

Once we’ve widened the opening, we’ll install a new window that meets all the required standards.

The entire process usually takes about two days. In some cases, it might take longer depending on the complexity of the job.

We are experienced in not to harm the structural integrity of your property while doing all this work.

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